When looking for the best online casino, there are a lot of different choices and criteria that different people go by. For some, having a specific game such as casino slots or blackjack is important. People like having a variety of different games to play is important, so that they they are trying new games in online. Of course the ultimate draw for most people is the payouts and the bonuses. But how exactly does a person know which one is the best casino that is not only fun but secure?

That’s where our team at Online Casino Master comes in. We look at every different aspect including percentage payback to player, how easy it is to use the site, and even analyze how much fun the average player will have. Think of all the online casinos that there are in the world and then think of how much time you have spent at ones where the payout is not as good as you want it to be. Or how about the time you were waiting in traffic and wanted to pull out your mobile to play only to find that the casino you gave your banking information to doesn’t have a good mobile experience? And then there can be the frustration of finding out exactly how long it will take to get your bonuses or the payout. A player can waste a lot of time finding the right fit at the right casino for them.

Don’t exhaust your time, money, and resources by playing at an online casino that won’t game fairly the way that you need it to. At Online Casino Master, we select only the best sites for gambling online so that you can relax and not worry about trusting your information with them. You can be confident that you are getting the best experience for whichever casino that you choose on our list.

Not all games are meant for all gamblers and that goes for casinos as well. Each casino is unique and the games that they play at a certain one might not be the type that you want to play. While there is usually a healthy variety of slot games and popular card games such as Blackjack, each casino can play by its own rules with small differences.

If you have never played at that casino or known someone who has, it might come as a shock to you when you have to wait for your payouts or that the rules weren’t exactly the way that they are at other places.

That’s why when you are looking to play; you need to make sure that the place you are at is the way that it presents itself. Our team of experts is not only gamblers, they truly enjoy playing the same games that you enjoy. They understand the frustration that can happen when you put your trust and your money into a casino that does not provide the best experience.

Unfortunately, a lot of online gambling players have had credits taken or had to jump through hoops to get the money that they deserved. We know that frustration and that is why we have created the lists that we have.

All of our experts have compiled data and looked through thousands of real player reviews so that you don’t have to. No longer will you have to commit to playing at a casino that doesn’t play the way you want it to. Our independent analysis will break down exactly where the best place to play is.

But don’t just think that you should just start playing at the first casino on our list. While we do take a lot of time and effort to make sure that our list is as up to the minute as possible, we know that not every person is going to fit our top choice. That is why we feel that presenting more then one is the best and most ethical way for us to provide a varied experience for the large variety of types of players. We play out the different casinos from a card player’s perspective, a slot player’s perspective, and so on so that we know which place will fit which type of player.

We want you to feel confident with the choices and the selections that we have made. In this day and age, it can be scary to give your over to a casino and just sit back and hope for the best. We don’t want you to feel that any of the casinos that we have on our list should be something that you are frightened or wary to give out your personal information. While it is something that is your own risk going and playing on these sites, know that we make the effort to make certain that these online casinos use the most up to date and most accurate software on the market. After all, we download them and play them ourselves as well!

Most important of all, we look for the best gaming experience for our readers. Whether you are a mobile gambler who plays mostly while away from your desktop or you are just starting to learn about the world of online casinos, we want you to have the most fun you can. Part of the enjoyment is not just the payouts but the time that you spend on the site as well. It has to be an easy to use and entertaining time or why would you want to spend your time and money there? Whether you go for the graphics or for the displays, we want to make sure that you will have just as much fun enjoying the playtime as you do winning from it.

Our reviewers do all of the hard work for you so that you can feel at ease with our top selections. Don’t waste your time or your money on the rest of sites. Our ranking system compiles all of the data, user reviews, and overall experience so that you spend your time winning.

# logo Casino Bonus Bonus Match rating Visit casino
1 Lucky Red Casino
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Exclusive $4000 Exclusive 400% Get Bonus
2 High Noon Casino
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Exclusive $2000 Exclusive 200% Get Bonus
3 All Star Slots
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Exclusive $787 Exclusive 100% Get Bonus
4 Manhattan Slots
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Exclusive $747 Exclusive 100% Get Bonus
5 Club World Casinos
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Exclusive $777 Exclusive 100% Get Bonus
6 Aladdin’s Gold Casino
  Read Full Review
Exclusive $2000 Exclusive 200% Get Bonus
7 Buzzluck
  Read Full Review
Exclusive $868 Exclusive 100% Get Bonus
8 Club Euro Casino
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Exclusive €777 Exclusive 100% Get Bonus
9 Club SA Casino
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Exclusive R8888 Exclusive 100% Get Bonus
10 Winner Casino
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Exclusive $300 Exclusive 200% Get Bonus